Copyright and usage

All original content on this blog is © Arieh Kovler.

License is given to any blog, web-zine or subscription-free website to use blogposts here in full or in parts, provided that:

  1. The use is not materially misleading and does not unfairly misrepresent my views through out-of-context excepts.
  2. The use includes a link back to the original blogpost and credits me by name.

I reserve the right to revoke this license at any time at which point your usage will be a breach of my copyright. If you’re posting my stuff on a neo-Nazi or Islamist website, this means you. I also reserve the right to modify this licence without notice and retroactively.

If you are a subscription publication or printed newspaper of any kind, then you do not have a general licence to reprint whole blog-pieces. Please be in touch with me to discuss if you would like to print anything. Obviously you may print excerpts in accordance with Fair Use guidelines.

Arieh Kovler
9 May 2011