Covid roundup 19 August

Just a few bits of virus-related news that didn’t merit their own post:

  • The Health Ministry today reported 53 additional virus deaths that took place over July and August in care homes. They had not been included in the reporting until now. This brings the number of deaths from Covid-19 since 1 July to 451. The Health Ministry has suggested that more deaths might have been missed, too.
  • The border guards at Ben Gurion airport suspect that Israeli travellers could be using forged coronavirus tests to enter foreign countries. Multiple identical documents that stated a passenger had recovered from the virus and had obtained two negative tests, signed by the same doctor at the same Jerusalem clinic, were spotted by the guards, who’ve referred the matter to the police.
    • (Incidentally, that makes me wonder if all of the returning Israelis who used overseas tests to argue out of a mandatory 14-day quarantine were on the level, or if some of those tests were fake too….)
  • Israel and Ukraine are trying to work out what to do about the annual Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage to Uman. After initial reports that Israelis would be banned from attending, it seems like a deal is being discussed where 5000-8000 visitors will be allowed. To enforce this limit, measures like banning Israeli charter flights may be imposed.